Thursday, August 13, 2009

#9 Facebook II

I wrote an apology to everyone on my wall for taking so long to confirm them as friends and I sent the link to our library's book blog, Feast on Books.

#8 Facebook

I had actually already created a Facebook account way back in Feb. but I ignored it. So I visited the page and found I had 24 friends waiting to be confirmed. So I did.


Added and Dailykos to my reader.

Monday, July 20, 2009

#6, we're on a roll

Fiddled around with Google Reader. Did everything as described in directions, I think. Not sure that it is any more convenient than the aggregate of frequently visited sites on my drop down menu from my address bar on Explorer. But then I am a less-is-more kind of woman. To me too many bells and whistles just make an unnecessary and cluttered cacophony.

Ok here's this one

I was unable to do most of this on my computer at work, so I am doing it from home. The Flickr mashup particularly just not working. But now I've crashed through the wall I hope and will not be stumped again.

Accomplished thing 4 finally

I finally got this done. I had to do it at home. My computer at work is just too elderly to handle the image thing very well.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm getting a bit frustrated

Do I have to have a Flickr account to do a mash-up? I tried a couple of things but nothing was generated. The spelling by image won't even come up. I went to the next activity and still I am clueless as to how to proceed and they don't give me much help. I put text into a comic strip and clicked upload but nothing uploaded. Sorry if I seem dense but this is not fun.